Business Model & Idea Generation / Demand and Competition

Many times we have several ideas on how to start a business but we see or feel limited because we can not have a lot, a considerable budget for the respective investment or rather we are not very clear how the business could work and how to allow the same can stand alone. For this in this week I had the opportunity to read some articles where they mention business models that can help us to organize the possible ideas that we can have.

These business models mentioned in the article are applicable either Web or non-Web.

We could have the case where we have no idea to apply any business model mentioned and for this, this article seemed spectacular because it helps us to have efficient alternatives to think about what I can undertake and how to develop those ideas.

After analyzing these two articles I was very excited and I felt that everything could go well now until I reach the section “Demand and competition” This helped me a lot to complete the process where I had to consider how to measure the demand for my product and the competition in which it is surrounded. Fortunately, it is nowadays easier to get information from the Web by great tools such as Google Adwords. Because instead of doing surveys that could cost a lot, we can use this tool and analyze the convenience of the product in the business.

I feel very motivated and that this is the first week working on this, I can not wait to see later what will be.




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